Weights & Balls

45-60 minutes of heart pumping strength! This class is not for the faint of heart. You will be challenged with weight lifting, kettle bells, balls and many other FUN tools! This class will push you past plateaus and stagnation!

Heart & Soul

45 minutes of endurance. Your heart is a muscle longing to be pumped! This cardio based class will vary between running circuits, rowing jumping or just plain calisthenics inside and outside the building!


This 45-60 minute class is a perfect way to re-discover your body by using mostly body weight. Focusing on core and basic moves makes this friendly for all fitness levels!


The Naked Mat

Strip those tootsies, bring your mat, and get ready to sweat! This 45 min nonstop weighted movement workout is designed to be performed barefoot. It's you against the mat but don't let that fool you because it promises tobe challenging!

Yoga Reset

Come reset your mind and body while pushing your strength, balance and focus using mixed flow yoga. This is the perfect addition to a well rounded workout routine!


45-60 minutes. Inhale…exhale…take a deep breath and release in class. This is your time to be present. Let go of expectations and hard pressed goals and just BE. Long stretches and light meditation will close your week and prepare you for the next.

The Cure

What happened Friday night, stays with Friday night! Start your weekend right with a cross training style workout that will be sure to cure any bar food and cocktail frenzy from previous evening!

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